An Allergist can guide you on a path to better allergy control with less medication.

Allergists are physicians that have specialized training in the immune system, allergies, asthma, and some skin conditions. Their expertise in immunology makes them Immunologists too. An Allergist/Immunologist is often referred to as an Allergist.

Becoming an Allergist requires fourteen years of education beyond high school:

— four years of college

— four years of medical school

— three years of working and learning as a doctor under supervision (residency)

— two – three years of specialized training (fellowship) caring for people of all ages with allergy or immune system problems

— passing a rigorous board examination (American Board of Allergy & Immunology)

An Allergist is qualified to perform allergy testing for respiratory (pollen, pet danders, mold, dust mite), food, venom, and some drug allergies. By pinpointing specific allergens, an Allergist can guide you in steps to minimize exposure to your allergens. The advice of an Allergist can tailor a medication regimen that works for you.

If taking medication is not your thing, allergy immunotherapy is a personalized treatment prescribed by Allergists that reduces allergy symptoms and eventually enables discontinuation of medications in most people that complete a full course of treatment.

When you are (or someone else is) ready to throw your uncontrolled allergies to the curb, talk to your primary care doctor about finding an expert Allergy/Immunology specialist near you. Our community of Allergists at Allergy Unlimited are ready to help you change your life for the better.