Our immunotherapy technique is cheaper and cleaner than traditional alternatives

Learn how we reduce cost, time, and waste compared to other allergy treatment options.

Intralymphatic injections for allergies reduce medical waste and lower costs over the course of treatments.

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Cost Comparison

Our lymph node injections cost almost half of the cost of a full course for traditional allergy shots and a third the cost of using daily medication to control allergy symptoms.
Cost comparisons are estimates only and account for treatment costs over a ten year period for use of multiple daily over-the-counter medications vs. traditional 3-year allergy shot treatment with one vial set including rapid build-up vs. intralymphatic immunotherapy treatment.

Waste Comparison

With our process there are far less treatments and a considerably less waste. Our treatments get you feeling better quicker.

Waste is estimated based on items thrown away after each treatment. Waste comparisons are estimates only and are based on treatment for one allergen. They account for needles, syringes, and vials used in immunotherapy treatments. Medication waste items account for box, bottle, and safety seal per package used with routine use of multiple over-the-counter allergy medications over a 10-year period.

Time Comparison

Our lymph node injections can be more effective therefore reducing the amount of treatments required.
Time comparison assumes continued daily use of medication over a 10-year period vs typical treatment lengths for traditional and intralymphatic allergy immunotherapy.

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