March 7 is National Be Heard Day. This is a day to celebrate and promote small business. Small businesses strive to bring innovative concepts to market and to serve their community’s needs. Our small business Allergy Unlimited was established in 2020 by the country’s leading intralymphatic immunotherapy (ILIT) expert. Dr. Patterson’s passion is developing effective and efficient allergy treatment options to allow people with allergies to choose treatments that fit with their active lifestyles. We collaborate with Allergists around the world to offer modern, convenient allergy treatments that work. Current treatment offerings include intralymphatic immunotherapy and sublingual (under-the-tongue drops) immunotherapy. These are allergy treatments that help the body get used to allergens and eventually reduce symptoms and routine medicine use altogether. These forms of allergy immunotherapy are alternatives to traditional allergy shots and are an option for those who cannot fit weekly or monthly doctor visits into their schedule.

Intralymphatic immunotherapy is performed in our office. Using ultrasound guidance, we inject specific allergens directly into a lymph node. Research has shown these treatments to be effective after only three injections. Patients find the injections to be virtually painless.

Sublingual immunotherapy drops are liquid allergens taken daily from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. They provide unparalleled flexibility due to the option for home dosing.

Imagine a life without allergies and without daily medication or the need for frequent doctor visits. Contact Allergy Unlimited to see how our small business can bring big gains for you. #smallbusinessbiggoals #intralymphaticinjections